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everyone calm down new update will come on 10/7 that's all i know from arceus x discord. The best thing for now is that we just have to be patient and wait for the dev to release a new update.
(07-02-2022, 09:40 AM)Ginsan Wrote: [ -> ]10/7???
that's right, July 10

(07-02-2022, 09:40 AM)Ginsan Wrote: [ -> ]10/7???
we will have to wait for 8 days , arceus x admin said so maybe that is the latest time to finish the update.
Lucky you bruh your on the discord of em also I can't wait I want Arceus new update to be releasd in the next second and YouTube now is full with scams and full of bots
Luckily there's a guy who's on dc
I will update everyone with new information as soon as there is news of Arceus X on discord.
Whats the name of group
Do u have the server link? If u do can u send
(07-02-2022, 09:33 PM)vingança Wrote: [ -> ]vc tem o link do servidor? se vc pode enviar
Está lotado
Am fucked.
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