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Full Version: Arceus X: 3/7 News!
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Cool Hello everyone it's me again!

Here's the news on July 3, dev is still working on the new update of Arceus X and it will be available to everyone soon and I would also like to correct some recent rumors such as: Arceus X is no longer available, Aceus X has got update 2.1.3 rampant on youtube, all download links version 2.1.3 all are Clickbait and Scam you can get virus after downloading from those fake links so be careful.  Exclamation

Only trust updates uploaded at the official Arceus X website.

Arceus X will get stronger and stronger and won't collapse right now, so don't worry.

If an update is released I will try to notify you as soon as possible.
Thank you so much
eagerly waiting for you to come back soon, I'm counting on you
Can you send the discord link so we can know too. Thank you
Ive been waiting for your info bro , Thx for keep updating for us..oh BTW , pls notify us when it is released and consider sharing the new script for new Arceus X Thankyou??
(07-03-2022, 09:34 AM)ROYALTY Wrote: [ -> ]Can you send the discord link so we can know too. Thank you
Arceus X's discord server is overloaded with members so it's hard to join right now. I will have an article on this later.
Yes! I've been waiting for this to come out