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Full Version: Arceus X: v2.1.3 Official Released !!
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I did not disappoint you.

all my sources are correct so far and true as the title of this topic update 2.1.3 is out you can experience it directly now, if possible you can subscribe me (this profile) to follow the latest information from Arceus X.

Links Download V2.1.3 Release: (no virus i get it from offical arceus x discord)

-- Please only trust me or the official website when there is a new update guys.

-- I never post a lie information, You can trust the updates and information I post on this forum.

-- due to some confusion in the post in the morning so i will upload it again hoping this time won't be mistaken as a virus sender.

I'll go play my game now, see you guys when there's news ^^

** You can check it out yourself at Arceus Official Discord if you want**
Get key r mà nó không hiện menu
(07-05-2022, 06:34 AM)bs2648 Wrote: [ -> ]Get key r mà nó không hiện menu
get key + hoàn thành tất cả các bước chưa b ?
Game lại mới cập nhật rồi admin ơi sầu (T.T)
(07-05-2022, 03:31 PM)vntruong2020 Wrote: [ -> ]Game lại mới cập nhật rồi admin ơi sầu (T.T)
Arceus X vẫn hoạt động bình thường nhé bạn.
It's not working in my phone

And the app icon looks like normal roblox icon