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Full Version: Announcement for V3
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[b]The Beginning Of The End[/b]

As we are coming nearer to the progression of Arceus X: V3 Our soft-hearted Developers are giving their best to make way for the Arceus X to be published, nonetheless, Accordance to the current leaks that we have shown, i am in no doubt that Arceus X is evolving to the compability of great achievement, i am looking forward to the release, as one of our Former Admin; Kudasai had said, "The exploiting world isn't ready for this." Honor those righteous words and imagine the impossible, possible.

Note: Please do not download Arceus X from any fake website or from any youtube channel. The only official website of Arceus X is and Rest all sites are fake

Fake sites: (May contain malwares)
Great news and hoping to try your new and improved version of arceusX
pls farm
Quote:We can't wait to see when Arzeus v3 will be updated.