[Fixed] Arceus X V2 Key System Not Working

This is the guide to fix the Arceus X V2 Key system error. If you have downloaded the latest Arceus X V2 version, you may have noticed that the key system of V2 is not working. The key system shows a grey box with no key system to proceed.

Now to fix this issue, you need to follow simple procedure. Read below

How to Fix Arceus  X V2 Key System Not working

Step 1. Download and Install Secure VPN from Play store, Click Here.

Step 2. Now open the Secure VPN app and click on Connect 

Step 4. Once click on Connect, it will ask you for “Connection Request”. Click Ok

Step 5. Now click on “Free server with AD

Step 6. Now you will be connected to the fastest VPN server available

Step 7. Now open the Arceus X (Roblox) app and click on Get Key. You will see the Key System is working now

Step 8. Complete the key verification process and start exploiting Roblox. Happy exploiting 😉

Note: You can use any VPN app for this fix

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    1. Hello, I hope you are reading this comment, you should remove the arceus x 2.0.5 because it no longer lets me play roblox, it asks every time I enter a game, it does not let me, it says: Maybe your version of roblox is

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